Hi there, I’m Mark Halbert. I’m a Counsellor and Life Coach. I live in Kinoulton, just southeast of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

I started my therapy journey and self-realisation back in the late seventies, having gone through many years of anxiety, worry, stress, vulnerability and a lack of confidence and a feeling of unworthiness. I didn’t feel good enough in those days and I sought help from everyone I could talk to, and that was anyone who would listen!

Yes, I've been through the mill and I was struggling emotionally, mentally and physically. I couldn’t work out what was causing me to not have enough money, confidence, self-esteem, love, joy and happiness in my life. I wrestled with what I thought, believed, and felt about myself, and what I truly wanted in life. It seemed a never-ending negative cycle at the time.

Fortunately, I came out the other side with my sanity, thanks mainly to some beautiful Souls I encountered along the way, some of whom were therapists or friends (or both). They helped me look at my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habit patterns and create a new “cunning plan of action” that changed my life. I gained a real and meaningful purpose to my life and I’m forever grateful to them for their loving support and advice, which they still give me even to this day.

The Counselling and Life Coaching processes and techniques that I offer can also help you find the answers to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems and issues, as they bring to the surface of your conscious awareness the ideas, signs and clues that point you towards your new life approach. The answers are already inside you, they are just waiting to surface.

I can help you to upgrade your life by creating a "new plan of action", show you how to rewrite your "life script" and bring positive results into your world today. My therapy approach is holistic and creates positive results.